What to wear in Pakistan

It’s easiest to buy the necessary shalwar kameez (tunic and baggy trousers) when you land in Pakistan – this is essential for women, and optional, but advisable due to the heat for men. In the intense heat it may be tempting to wear loose layers, but in respect of local customs, and to spare yourself unwanted stares of disapproval, it is far wiser to cover up in cool, white flowing cottons, like the Pakistanis do, thus keeping yourself cool too.

Wear lightweights, with warmer clothing, including base-layers and woolens, for upland areas in the winter. Good trekking boots are a must for mountain explorers, as are walking sticks and thermals. Visitors can buy woolen socks and sweaters at very cheap prices in the bazaars of Pakistan, but they might not be up to western standards and can be quite heavy.

Rain jackets are recommended for the monsoon season so if you will be spending any time in the cities during this time, do not rule out the possibility of bringing along some wellington boots as the rain can result in extremely flooded lanes.