Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort

Following the defeat of the Mughal emperor Humayun in 1541, Sher Shah Suri built a strong fortified complex at Rohtas, a strategic site in the north of Pakistan. It was never taken over and has survived intact to this day. Rohtas Fort, also called Qila Rohtas, is an exceptional example of early Muslim military architecture in Central and South Asia. A blend of architectural and artistic traditions from elsewhere in the Islamic world, the fort had a profound influence on the development of the architectural style in the Mughal Empire.

1 Day Excursion
Rohtas Fort

Leisure, Education, History

Trip Itinerary

Islamabad/Lahore-Rohtas Fort

  • Drive from Islamabad or Lahore to Rohtas Fort
  • Tour of Rohtas Fort
  • Drive back to Islamabad or Lahore