Climate in Pakistan

Pakistan encompasses an area from the mountains in the north to the coast of the Arabian Sea in the south, leading to an extremely cold climate in the north and a warmer and more humid climate in the south. Therefore, the climate is a key factor in deciding when and where to travel in Pakistan!

There are generally three seasons: the cold season (around October to February), the warm and dry season (around March to June) and the wet/monsoon season (around July to September). There are, however, distinct regional variations. The trekking season starts in late April and finishes by late October, peaking from mid-June to mid-September.

June, July and August are generally the peak months for domestic tourists. For those travelling to or from China, be aware that the Khunjerab Pass is officially closed to travelers from the 15th of November until the 1st of May. Heavy snow may even lead to closure of the area around Naran, Hunza, Chitral and Baltistan from the beginning of November until the beginning of May.