About us


ZEB TRAVELS was established 50 years ago in Karachi, Pakistan by Khawaja Jahan Zeb and is one of the oldest and well known travel and tourism companies in Pakistan. It all started in a small office run by a young Khawaja Jahan Zeb who, fascinated by travelling from a young age on, knew that this profession was his calling in life. A whole new world in tourism opened up and over the years he was able to create a variety of new ideas in the field of travel in Pakistan. The company grew steadily under his guidance and his will to continuously promote the importance of tourism in and for Pakistan has remained steadfast to this day. He has represented Pakistan in various worldwide exhibitions and conventions, giving him the chance to promote this country as a tourist destination on an international platform as well.

ZEB TRAVELS established
50 years ago


Zeb Travels is one of Pakistan’s largest tour sellers and specializes in organizing tours tailored to the specific interests, needs and requirements of every in and outbound client. The Zeb Travels head office is located in Karachi, with branches in Islamabad, Lahore, Skardu as well as Hunza, and together we have more than 60 employees who ensure that a wide range of services are made available to all of our customers.

Zeb Travels has a team of professionals who have been in the tourism industry for many years and who are extremely determined to provide a different vision for travelling to all clients so that they may experience the best and then return satisfied with our service. Zeb Travels management philosophy is based on the simple concept of delivering the highest quality customer services at the best possible price. Today we serve an ever growing number of clients, travel agents and tour operators around the world. All of our partners remain exceedingly happy with our services, especially by the number of value added services we have on offer.


Having worked in this field since a very young age, I developed an early love for travelling and everything that has something to do with tourism. From an early stage of my life I was especially interested in exploring my own country, Pakistan, which offers an amazing variety of superb holiday destinations. During my extensive travels over the years in Pakistan, I believed I had visited every corner of this country, but to my surprise, on each new journey I discovered a part of my country that I had never experienced before.

Throughout the years I have strived to attain several goals:

To emphasize the importance of “domestic travelers” and to increase awareness amongst my fellow Pakistanis, both those who live in Pakistan and those who live elsewhere in the world, about the beauty of their own country. To invite and serve people from all over the world who have developed a love for Pakistan. Until today many customers return, and many continue to keep in touch with us, recalling the “Adventure Pakistan” that they had had the chance to experience. To encourage my fellow Pakistanis to travel abroad and experience new cultures and meet new people in order to expand the horizons of their mind as well as their knowledge. And last but not least, to encourage our youth to participate in school trips in order to change attitudes and raise aspirations through new activities and experiences. Rising to new challenges and living alongside their peers helps pupils become more adaptable and confident; aspects which are critical to so many areas of their development.

All these travelers help foster an understanding between people, providing a cultural exchange between both hosts and guests and increasing the chances to develop mutual sympathy and understanding towards our country while at the same time reducing their prejudices; an aspect much needed in these times.

Tourism, one of the world’s largest industries, is at the forefront of new world conflicts, but from my experience, the tourism industry has developed a capacity to adapt and survive with extraordinary resistance towards these issues. I am convinced that the passion and desire to travel, to experience new places and to meet new people will take tourism to new heights as the years go by. Especially now, in the field of sustainable tourism, where locals and visitors have encounters that will benefit all those involved, including the local environment.

I hope to see tourism in Pakistan increase in the future, bringing with it all its benefits and the capacity to increase interaction and understanding between different people. There is much to be done and I will continue pursuing my life passion in the hope that one day everyone gets the opportunity to experience what travelling could mean for them.

This is something that I think, with your help, we can achieve and it would be my pleasure to invite you on this exciting journey that I like to call, TRAVELLING….