Travelling within Pakistan


The most comfortable intercity trips are in air conditioned Daewoo busses. Note that Daewoo bus stations are separated from the chaos of local bus stands and are usually easier to access. Although a little more expensive, Daewoo busses are newer, safer, cleaner and faster than the local busses.


Few foreign travellers bring vehicles into Pakistan and car rental is not common practice. More common, and surprisingly economical, is hiring a car with a driver. Traffic drives on the left side in Pakistan. Pakistan has an extensive network of roads and highways, linking every major and minor city and town.


It is possible to hail Uber and Careem or taxis on the streets and taxis of different capacities are available everywhere in big cities. Metro Radio Cab is the most reliable in radio cab services in Pakistan


Trains are a good option and have various classes that are available on different trains. Food can usually be bought on the train itself or from food stalls and vendors at the stations. Bringing your own bottled water is a good idea. Long-distance routes have sleeper coaches and a first air-conditioned class (which should ideally be booked in advance, preferably a maximum of 14 and 30 days, respectively). Some trains have economy seats and berths. Women have the option of booking female-only compartments. Pakistan has over 12,700 kilometres of railways, including 8,500 kilometres inherited from the British.