Turtles Watch

Turtles Watch

The beaches of Pakistan are some of the most important nesting grounds for the Green Turtles. Each year thousands of female Green Turtles come to the beaches of Hawksbay and Sandspit off the coast of Karachi to lay their eggs. The Sind Wildlife Department in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan is working for the safe release of turtle hatchlings to the Arabian Sea since 1980’s. Green Turtle nests are laid throughout the year, with most nests occurring between July and December. The eggs are carefully kept in closed enclosures and released after the hatchlings are hatched. There have been indications that the remaining coast of Pakistan, in Baluchistan Province (the Makran coast), may also hold significant numbers of sea turtles. At least 95% of the Baluchistan coast (>700 km long) consists of inaccessible and unfrequented sandy beaches-apparently suitable turtle habitat.



1 Day
Excursion Turtles in Pakistan

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Trip Itinerary

Turtle watch

  • Visit Sandspit Wetland Centre
  • Watch Turtles coming on shore to lay eggs and release turtles hatchlings in the sea
  • Back to Karachi