Dubai- the new sports hub

Dubai’s economic footprint of sport now exceeds $1.7 billion a year, reflecting the success of a carefully developed sports industry, which has been part of the fabric of Dubai for more than 40 years .The largest economic contribution, comes from Dubai’s annual calendar of more than 300 events, which attract more than one million spectators each year.  Dubai has invested in sustainable facilities that not only attract elite sports events but also contribute to sports participation, which is an important part of the UAE’s national health and wellness agenda. Overall, it has clearly been highlighted how the Middle East, or more specifically Dubai are sport hot-spots which are being used for sporting events. With the facilities being top-class, and the luxurious accommodation and lifestyle also attracting tourists to the area to watch the sport, it is obvious to see why competitions are constantly being awarded to these areas. There are plenty of schools and clubs in Dubai that are keen to welcome touring teams.



7 days sports tour Dubai

Status: educational, sport, history, leisure

Trip Itinerary

  • Arrival in Dubai
  • Introduction to the program, venue and coaches
  • Training Session
  • Overnight at Dubai
  • Training sessions
  • Dubai City Tour and Jumeirah Beach
  • Overnight Dubai
  • Training sessions/ workshop
  • Match
  • Dubai Wild Wadi Waterpark
  • Overnight Dubai
  • Match
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Overnight in Dubai
  • Training session
  • Match
  • Visit of Dubai’s sport facilities and meeting with sport clubs
  • Overnight in Dubai
  • Award ceremony and farewell
  • Evening Desert safari with dinner
  • Overnight in Dubai
  • Departure for home destination