Nature Study Camps

Children experience the beauty and marvels and intricacies of the natural world through our activities. Sensory awareness is about helping children build an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the natural world. We do this with focused, innovative, and meaningful nature study activities.

Nature Camps’ (for groups 20-25 travellers) goal is to have children feel their environment. To draw it close to them. To love it. To understand it – not for its labels and fables and fears – but as an intrinsic part of themselves. If we go with the idea that, if we take care of our natural heritage now, then we will all have a natural heritage later.

We offer Nature Study Camps in:

  1. Summer camps in Ayubia National Park
  2. Indus dolphin nature



  • Camp Setting
  • Map Reading
  • Use of Compass
  • Ropes and knots
  • Camp game time
  • Field visit Bonfire
  • Camp cooking
  • Morning walk and bird watching
  • Treasure hunt competition
  • Star gazing
  • Certificate presentation




4 days Nature Camps