Marine Turtles & Mangrove Forests

A drive to the beaches of Hawks Bay and Sandspit (near Karachi) is one of the greatest sources of pleasure to a nature lover. This unique tour will take you to the shores of the Karachi coast where the Green Turtle and Olive Ridley are found during the nesting seasons on the beaches of Hawks Bay and Sandspit. During autumn, after the monsoons when the sea is calmer the visitors sit quietly on the beach on a moonlit night and watch to see the turtles come up and repeat what they have been doing for generations.

That is, laying their eggs and leaving them in the enclosing warmth of the soft sand for the heat of the sun to incubate till young hatchlings, perfect miniatures of the adult, emerge and scramble to the sea. The tour will also take you to Somiani Bay Mangrove Forest that is the breeding ground for fish and shrimps and home to many resident and migratory birds.



1 day Marine Turtles & Mangrove Forests Tour


Trip Itinerary


  • Karachi –WWF Wildlife center Hawkesbay
  • Mangrove walk and introduction to turtles of Pakistan
  • Beach activities with bonfire
  • At night turtle observation